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We have a pledge program called Club 274. $274 helps one family for TWO WEEKS of housing, food, program services, and support in the program!! Club 274 are groups or individuals that pledge to donate $274 for FPHCR per year. This can be through a monthly, quarterly, or yearly gift. Donations are tax deductible.

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Club 274 Frequently Asked Questions

What is Club 274?

Club 274 are groups or individuals that pledge to raise $274 for Family Promise HCR per year. If you make this commitment to support your local Family Promise, you are a member of the club!

Who may participate in Club 274?

Club 274 members may be individuals, families, Sunday School classes, community organizations, or any other small group.

Why $274?

It is important to say what the $274 stands for: the daily costs for the Family Promise HCR staff, day center, van, etc. These dollars are all for daytime costs. They have nothing to do with the modest costs shouldered by our host and partner churches.

Where did Club 274 come from?

We have basically copied this program from the Bryant-College Station, TX affiliate where current FP HCR board member Aimee Myers was the Network Director. The Family Promise affiliate in Bryant-College Station raises $60,000+ per year this way. It’s a “small is beautiful” approach.

How do we sign up?

There is a Club 274 pledge form available with info. This is all you need to sign up or recruit members! The form itself does a good job explaining the program and answering questions. View New Donation & Club 274 form

What if I'm unsure about asking for money?

Try hard to remember that we are not asking for Club 274 dollars for personal reasons. This is not about us. This is about kids and parents without permanent roofs over their heads. Keeping this in mind may help overcome the reluctance many of us feel, when it comes to asking for money.

What are ways we can meet our pledge?

Almost every small group can afford $274 per year. One way to help a group see this is to break down $274 into a 3-month ($69), or a monthly ($23) figure. Club 274 installment payments are welcome!

What does Club 274 mean for families in crisis?

You can also break down the $274 in terms of the number of families whom Family Promise HCR will serve. For example, $90 will cover the daily costs for one family for our first year of operation. We know you are doing this because you want to help families! So think of this in terms of the cost per family you help. Maybe each person/ family in your group would want to pledge to help one family for the year ($90, or $7.50 per month), toward your group goal of $274.

When will the Club 274 funds be utilized?

The “Club 274 – 2010” funds will be actually earmarked for next year. We have the funds needed to start up in 2010. The goal of Club 274 is to develop a stable funding stream of individual and small group donors to sustain us for the future.

What about other funding sources?

We have applied for grants from religious organizations, foundations, etc. We will continue to do so. But it is important to know that individual and small group donors are the backbone of stable fundraising programs. Start-up funds from a few big pockets may set non-profits up on their feet. But sustained funding from many small pockets is what keeps non-profits on their feet.

FPHCR is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. After we receive your donation, we will mail you a letter you can use as a receipt for completing your taxes.

Thank you, Family Promise volunteers. We appreciate your kind hearts. You have showed me a wonderful time and also helped me believe that there is a God above. We love you and God bless

— Kathy