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A Community Response to Family Homelessness


Mixed Bag Designs Fall

One more week to get orders in!! It’s that time of year again! Starting to think about early holidays gifts for your loved ones…or for you? 🙂 Check out Mixed Bags where you can look great while giving money back to Family Promise.


3rd Annual Art Auction

Thank you to our amazingly generous donors, sponsors, committee members, and attendees of the 3rd Annual Art Auction! We had an unbelievable time and raised a couple of thousand dollars to help our local families.


6th Annual Senators’ Game

Thank you to our sponsors, attendees, volunteers, and everyone who helped make this year’s Senators’ event a huge success! We had an amazing time this year again. We raised over $4,000! You can check out our pictures by clicking here.


We’re running a summer camp for our graduates AND volunteer children this summer! Ages 4+ can join in the fun for this 10-week camp (June 13 – August 19), 8am-4pm. Please see the flyer for details. Here is the registration packet, and here is the registration letter. Both need to be signed and completed by June 3, 2016. We’ve already had a ton of fun this summer – check out the pictures here.

Keep an eye out for our 2016 events:

  • Strike Out Homelessness (Winter) – we raised over $6,000 this year!
  • Mixed Bag Designs (Spring) – we raised over $800 this spring! Plus, we all look a little cuter. 🙂
  • FP Night at the Senators’ (Summer) – we raised over $4,000 this year!
  • Art Auction Gala (Fall) – we raised over $4,000 this year!
  • Mixed Bag Designs (Fall) – orders are due October 30 in order to get items prior to Christmas

Mandated Reporter & Child Abuse Clearance Info

If you missed the Mandated Reporter & Child Abuse Clearance training, please see the following hand-outs: Mandated Reporters & Child Abuse Clearance powerpoint (overview of the laws & requirements of volunteers and staff), CY47 Final (child abuse report form), Mandated Reporter Q&A handout (FAQs about the laws), Mandated Reporter Training Outline (our training information and resources), and PA Clearance laws (clearance information).

ll do anything I can do to help out the program after what you all did for me! Thank you so much – we couldn’t have turned our lives around without Family Promise!

— Desiree