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A Community Response to Family Homelessness

Shaneekua’s Story

“Thank you, Family Promise, for all you have helped me achieve on my journey to success. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for everyone’s personal praises for me and Kiara. Keep us in your heart.”

“The program is just wonderful. It’s really great to be on my own now, but in some ways, I kinda miss it. I got to meet so many different people. They’re such great people, all the volunteers. I really miss them. It’s like they’ve become a part of my family.”

“I tell everybody what a great program it is. I recommend it to anybody. You have to work hard though. You have to use your own resources and work really hard; otherwise it won’t work for you. But it’s just such a wonderful program.”

“I had so many great opportunities there that I wouldn’t get otherwise! We were going to somebody’s farm. People in the inner-city don’t get to do things like that, but my daughter did. I got to be in the newspaper. It’s just such a great opportunity! There are people we met there that I’m still in touch with. I still get together with some of them, send them pictures, and they are praying for me. This one couple I met call me to check in and have helped me to furnish my apartment.”

There’s a lot of nice people in the world – all the volunteers – they didn’t have to be here to help us, but they helped anyway.

— 2015 Graduate