Meet & Greet: Eric Ziegler, Director of Development and Programming

I am so happy to be part of Family Promise Harrisburg Capital Region. I can’t think of a more noble effort than assisting families in our community as they strive to improve their living situation and their lives.

You could say I’ve been preparing for this role for most of my career. I’ve worked in fundraising and development for organizations like Penn State University, the United Way, and other non-profits in the State College area. My experience will help us maximize our fundraising efforts and enable us to grow in our ability to serve area families.

Why I’m Excited About Family Promise

When I learned about the work that Family Promise is doing in this community, I wanted to be part of it. It’s what my skill set, experience and desire to make an impact to help people has prepared me to do. I can tell you, that since I’ve arrived, I’m even more excited. Here are just a few reasons why:

1) My role, director of development and programming, is a new position here. That’s a major step forward for Family Promise. It shows a commitment to growth so we can serve more families and have the resources to serve them even more effectively. I am honored to be the one to lead the charge.

2) Family Promise is backed by a national organization. In my experience with fundraising and development, I know that the resources and shared knowledge of a national organization provides a good foundation for the specific work we can do to benefit our community.

3) Our volunteers are active. It has been gratifying to meet board and committee members as well as our congregation volunteers and see that they are here to roll up their sleeves and work hard so that our families have the opportunity to succeed.

4) We are serving families. One thing that struck me, as I was learning about Family Promise, is that it enables families to stay intact so they can face a very serious crisis in their lives together. This is a profound difference in the service we provide compared to many other organizations serving those who are homeless. Having mom, dad and children together providing support to one another as they work toward and reach goals that may forever change their lives in a positive way is healing. And it is empowering.

Looking Forward to Meeting and Working With You

Since I started here a little over a month ago, I have met some incredible people through Family Promise. I have witnessed the day to day work of our families and our volunteers resulting in two families successfully transitioning to their homes. I’m energized. And I’m so proud to be part of this next step for Family Promise Harrisburg Capital Region. I look forward to meeting with any and all of you and working with you as we grow in our ability to make an impact within our community!

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