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A Community Response to Family Homelessness

Our Unique Program

How is FPHCR Different?

We are lucky to have a variety of shelter programs in the area. A question we frequently hear is, “Isn’t Family Promise duplicating services of other shelters?” Our answer is always the same.

  • We are happy to not be alone in this battle! Homelessness is a challenging and multi-faceted issue. We feel lucky to have such wonderful partners in the community! On average, we are able to serve approximately 10-15% of the families that call needing services. Clearly with the programs all working together, we still aren’t meeting the need.

The chart shows the number of phone calls we received in 2016. We were able to serve 16%.


  • We are unique. Here’s how:
    1. Mandatory Savings Program – Families must save approximately 85% of their income in an account with FPHCR in order to save funds to achieve their goals.
    2. Volunteer connection – Families have an opportunity to network with and build relationships with many volunteers. Families often leave feeling like they have a support system they didn’t have previously! Volunteers become like family.
    3. Each family is treated uniquely – We understand that each family brings their own gifts and strengths to the table, as well as their own struggles. Without accepting any government funding, we are able to ensure we treat each family as the unique unit they are. We can extend time if needed (60-90 days or more!) We believe that each family is not the same and shouldn’t be treated the same.
    4. Keeping families together – We are one of the only programs in our community that can assist intact families, families with teenagers, and single fathers. These families are often split up in other programs. At FPHCR, we keep families together.
    5. Empowerment – Our case management style is all about empowering, not enabling families. It may take longer, but we encourage families to complete tasks for themselves so that they learn they can do it for the next time around, especially after they leave the program. There is no better feeling than learning you can do something for yourself or for your child.

I just wish blessings on this program! It truly is of God. There are so many blessings here that I just pray for more and more blessings in the future.

— Lee