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Higher Powering Through Life


Have you ever had days (or months!) where everything seems to pile up and you feel absolutely overwhelmed? Is your current situation making you feel utterly defeated? Like you, I can answer ‘yes’ to these and many other similar questions. But no matter what you may be facing right now, including experiencing homelessness, solace and strength can often be found by turning to a higher power.

As a Christian, one of my favorite Bible verses can be found in Psalms 46:1-2. I have turned to it in times of sorrow, confusion, anxiety, sadness, and pain. It reminds me that no matter what I am facing, a sovereign God is still present and sustaining.

No matter your religion or faith tradition, a belief and trust in a higher power can be a source of strength and peace. As life often proves to be chaotic, uncertain, and fraught with bad news – the belief that a higher power is ultimately in control can help remove some of the fear and frustration we experience.

Pew Research has shown that while many don’t consider themselves religious, 9 in 10 Americans do believe in a higher power or spiritual force. Something that they believe is controlling the universe. For me, it’s the God of the Bible. For others it may be another deity, nature, the sun or moon, or even the universe itself. In the simplest terms, it's a power greater than yourself.

Sometimes it can be difficult to find God or the higher power we long for, because we are looking with so little of ourselves. What I mean by this is that our souls have been pushed into the shallows. Whether from the constant assault on our attention, the pace of life, as well as loss, disappointment, and grief. Our soul may feel eroded. But this is precisely the place to start. When we feel most empty, it’s an opening to invite our higher power in to fill us.

It is this power greater than us ourselves that can also create a deeper connection to our humanity and increase our level of compassion. So not only can our faith bolster us when we’re going through challenging times, but it compels us to extend ourselves to give hope, aid, and comfort to those who may be suffering around us. What a beautiful duality. Our faith can restore us and spur us on to love and good works.

Whether we’re on the giving or the receiving end of love and compassion – the impact is great. Yet, our humanity is often expressed through very simple deeds. Sharing a cup of coffee and words of encouragement with a co-worker. Letting a sick relative know that you’re praying for them. Helping an elderly person off the bus. Volunteering at your local shelter. Mentoring a young person who’s gotten off course. The list is infinite.

Family Promise brings people of different faith groups together to help and serve others – creating an opportunity to live out their individual beliefs and make a difference. And while those belief systems may differ, we’re all capable of letting the light in. We’re all capable of benefiting those around us and the greater good. As you go about your days – may gestures of love and kindness find you, and may you offer them to others.

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