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Shelter Program

Our rotational shelter program and warm hospitality is the foundation of the Family Promise model.


Across this country, communities offer hospitality to families through Family Promise Affiliates. The innovative model — using existing space like congregations and volunteers motivated by compassion —has helped hundreds of thousands of children and adults in our national network of 200+ Affiliates. Working with community resources, Family Promise Affiliates provide comprehensive and targeted services, including extensive case management, at 1/3 the cost of traditional shelter. Furthermore, Family Promise Affiliates serve families of all compositions, often providing their only shelter option in a community.

And it works.

Our local Family Promise affiliate has a 65% success rate of moving people into stable housing within 60-90 days. 


We utilize community resources (local congregations and volunteers) to provide overnight lodging, meals, and hospitality on a rotational basis. Each congregation serves for one week at a time, approximately 4x/year.

Volunteers provide food, spend time with families, stay overnight, and drive our van. By using these volunteer resources, we are able to cut our expenses by a third. We partner with 20+ local congregations and have over 400 volunteers. If you’d like to learn more about getting your congregation involved, click here. 

Our volunteers are the life of our program. They bring hope and a feeling of family to our guest families. 

One graduate, Kathy, said, “Thank you, Family Promise volunteers. We appreciate your kind hearts. You have showed me a wonderful time and also helped me believe that there is a God above. We love you and God bless.” 

If you’d like to volunteer, learn more here.  

During the day, families spend time at our Day Center. Our professional staff provide intensive case management, connect families with resources, and provide the accountability our families need in order to get back on their feet. We have computers for families to conduct housing and job searches and to work toward their other goals. We also have shower and laundry facilities as well as a kitchen so that families can take care of their basic needs day-to-day.

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