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Preventing families from becoming homeless in the first place with Shelter Diversion.

With more than 40% of Americans a $400 expense away from financial distress, the threat of crisis looms closely for too many families. Preventing families from spiraling into homelessness is an essential part of the Family Promise mission.


With our preventative diversion program, we are able to assist families on the brink of homelessness. This program allows us to help significantly more families each year. We provide supportive services, advocacy, skill-building opportunities, case management, and links to community resources. These services help to ensure families never have to experience homelessness. 

“I did not know where to turn as a pregnant single mom with a 2 year old...I reached out to them (Family Promise) and was able to get help with where to look for jobs, and they were also able to help me get diapers and wipes which was a life saver for when my son started daycare BECAUSE I found a job!! To be able to talk to someone that understood where I was coming from and that was able to truly help is amazing.”


~2020 Diversion Program Participant

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