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A Community Response to Family Homelessness

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There are ways you can volunteer at Family Promise, from Congregation Hosting, Volunteer Jobs and Board Membership


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 Help Our Children Get A Home!




FPHCR works to ensure every child has a home. Please consider a gift to help these children have a life with consistency in housing, meals, and safety. Monthly donations are the easiest way to make the biggest impact. Click here to invest in the lives of these children.




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You can't believe how much fun we've had this summer. Check out this video where some of our Fun Camp campers share their experience! 



Thank you, Family Promise volunteers. We appreciate your kind hearts. You have showed me a wonderful time and also helped me believe that there is a God above. We love you and God bless

— Kathy

Who Are Our Neighbors Without Homes?

- Folks just like us — mothers, fathers, children.

- An under-insured family loses everything in a fire. Their only option is to move into a hotel, but they can’t afford it forever.

- A working mom loses employment because of health restrictions. Now, she and her two kids get behind on rent and are running out of money quickly.

Why Family Promise?

- Families are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population nationwide.

- 20% of America’s kids live in poverty.

- 75% of our families get back on track to their own homes within 90 days.