Folks just like us — mothers, fathers, children.

  • An underinsured family loses everything in a fire. Their only option is to move into a hotel, but they can’t afford it forever.
  • A working mom loses employment because of health restrictions. Now, she and her two kids get behind on rent and are running out of money quickly.

“The program is just wonderful. It’s really great to be on my own now, but in some ways, I kinda miss it. They’re such great people, all the volunteers. I really miss them. It’s like they’ve become a part of my family.”  -Shaneekua, former guest

Because of the generosity of our incredible volunteers, our budget is less than $100,000! That equals $274/day for operation. Please join our Club 274, and pick your day to donate! It’s less than $1/day to help families toward independence. Click here to become a part of the club! Donate



We are launching a new program to help YOU, local businesses, and FP at the same time! You can order gift cards to all the local businesses you usually go to anyway. FP will sell them to you, and then we also receive a percentage of the sale once you use the card! It’s a win-win-win! Please check out the ScripZone website for a list of the businesses you can get gift cards for here. Here is the order form ScripZone Order Form- it includes all instructions for how to send in money, etc. We have also provided you with a list of what we feel are the most common businesses you may want to order from  here just to get you started thinking about your local shopping needs. Orders are due the 4th Sunday of each month. You can also create your own id and order directly online! Click here for an information sheet on how to do that.

  • Families are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population nationwide.
  • 20% of America’s kids live in poverty.
  • 75% of our families get back on track to their own homes within 90 days.

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