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A Community Response to Family Homelessness
FP Newsletter January 2018
FP Newsletter January 2018
How does FPHCR work? Click the picture to find out!
How does FPHCR work? Click the picture to find out!

Welcome to Family Promise of Harrisburg Capital Region


There are ways you can volunteer at Family Promise, from Congregation Hosting, Volunteer Jobs and Board Membership


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Latest News & Updates

 “My staff and I had a discussion about how much we like working with you, your staff, and your guests. All of us agreed that we have never heard anything negative about the organization. You are the most functional shelter program we have had the pleasure to work with exhibiting a smooth delivery of services, moving families into permanent housing, and collaborating with local organizations to make sustainable housing happen.”

~Quote from FPHCR Community Partner

Our new staff are on board!

We’re so excited to introduce our new Executive Director (Lissette Gonzalez) and Director of Development & Programming (Eric Ziegler). Please read more about them on our staff page. We can’t wait for you to meet Lissette & Eric. Please stay tuned for more information over the next few months as they get up and running here at Family Promise!

Latest Blog Post

Empowered to Make an Impact

October 17, 2017 Emily Nardella

by Lissette M. Gonzalez, MPS Executive Director, Family Promise of Harrisburg Capital Region   “We can accomplish more together than we would dream possible working by ourselves.”-Unknown At times the unmet needs and problems of the world seem insurmountable. But what would you say if I told you that you can help with one small […]

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Who Are Our Neighbors Without Homes?

- Folks just like us — mothers, fathers, children.

- An under-insured family loses everything in a fire. Their only option is to move into a hotel, but they can’t afford it forever.

- A working mom loses employment because of health restrictions. Now, she and her two kids get behind on rent and are running out of money quickly.

Why Family Promise?

- Families are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population nationwide.

- 20% of America’s kids live in poverty.

- 75% of our families get back on track to their own homes within 90 days.


l’ll do anything I can do to help out the program after what you all did for me! Thank you so much – we couldn’t have turned our lives around without Family Promise!

— Desiree